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Fishery Watch Monthly Newsletter

The latest edition of the 2nd issue of the Fishery Watch Newsletter is available to download via the Newsletter link on the menu. Don't miss out on all the latest from with Fishery Watch and the angling world that is of any inportance to Water Keepers & clubs/fisheries.

The Newsletter is published on the site on the 1st of every month, so make sure you do not miss out and check back regularly to download your copy.

Please also keep an eye on the News section, this is updated daily and with whats happening. Take care and stay safe all.

Angling Crime Intelligence Database

Angling Crime Intelligence Database

Fishery Watch is proud to announce the latest tool that is available to share intelligence live as it happens between Fisheries, Groups, Water Keepers, Club Bailiffs, River Keepers, Angling Clubs & law enforcement.

This service is provided by AC Intel, which is a trading name of Fishery Watch. Access to the database is completely FREE of Charge and it will be moderated 24 hours a day, please note that everybody will have to adhear to some pretty strict rules to use this service. We must work within the law and things must be done according to the rules of the GDPR, it can also be used by waters to update other organisations about people they have banned from there fisheries/clubs and to forewarn other fisheries/clubs what to watch out for.

For further information please go to www.acintel.co.uk and use our online form to apply for access, please note that you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, this could be the greatest tool that angling has in it's arsenal to fight back against angling crime.

Rivers & Fisheries are being robbed daily

Fish Lives Matter

Fishery Watch are very concerned at the way angling is being robbed by organised gangs just looking to empty our waterways & fisheries of the fish stocks, all in the name of money. The scale of this problem is so vast that there is no way that the Police can find time to patrol all the waterways especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, they are stretched to the limit, The Environment Agency (EA) only have 86 or so Fisheries Enforcement Officers in the whole of England, Natural Resources Wales has less than 10 Fisheries Enforcement Officers for the whole of Wales and some of them are on split duties. The Angling Trust, Voluntary Bailiff Service does a great job and we have a lot of respect for the volunteers, but there simply is not enough of them to cover all the waterways of the United Kingdom.

Fish Theft

Who does that leave, quite simply, ANGLERS, we have to patrol the waterways & fisheries we love in a proper legal manner, with rules and structures in place, if we do not then there will be no fish to catch soon, we must act now.

That is where Fishery Watch comes in, we have the experience & technology at hand to run and manage a  nationwide network of Water Keepers and we have the ability to take on as many Water Keepers as are needed as we are not capped on the numbers we can accomodate.

Please come and Join Us and let's all work to protect our fish stocks from these organised gangs in a proper legal manner and bring these people to justice, if we ignore it there will not be any fish to catch, and that means the future of angling is doomed.

We MUST STOP these criminals from killing angling totally, this is happening all over the country, only anglers can stop it. Join Fishery Watch and start working to protect Angling for future generations to come.

Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

Fishery Watch has joined up with the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme in order to promote this very important project that is being accepted by a lot of anglers in order to help protect the environment we all enjoy when we fish.

When you visit this site and read up on the facts, it just shows that all anglers need to embrace this project, as I am sure they will. Please visit the Anglers national Line Recycling Scheme website and read it for yourself, simply Click Here or on the logo.

Fishery Watch being a department of UK Angling & Conservation Group Ltd is working hard to promote causes in angling that are environmentally friendly.

FREE Surveillance Service for Affilliated Clubs & Fisheries

fw binoculars

Fishery Watch has introduced a FREE Surveillance Service that is available day or night anywhere in the United Kingdom to affiliiated clubs & fisheries, we use the latest technology and operate in a totally legal manner, Fishery Watch meets all legal requirements.

We only charge out of pocket expenses like mileage, this is charged at a modest 20 per mile, if you wish to make a donation towards helping us keep this service going, then that is great, we will even come and do it if you do not donate, we would never turn our back on a club or fishery in trouble just because you did not make a donation.

This service is available anywhere in the United Kingdom as and when needed, simply call us on 0333 011 5888 for further information, we will be able to give you an estimate on the phone.

Please note that we are able to mediate with the police in order to let them know that we will be onsight, we are also able to pass on the intelligence gathered to the relevant authorities in order to deal with the situation being dealt with, Fishery Watch will not deal with poaching issues directly, we will call in the necessary authority to do so and pass it over to them.

We are also able to provide surveillance for predation study, if you think you have a predation problem, please contact us, we are able to provide you with the information that you will require, therefore enabling you to protect your fish stocks in everyway possible.

report small

Fishery Watch would like to remind anglers of the importance of reporting fishery crime to the relevant authorities, this helps the police and other agencies see what is happening where and when, this builds up a list of hotspots that help these organisations to direct there resources to places they are needed.

Environment Agency (EA) 0800 807060 for Rod license issues, pollution, fish in trouble.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) 0300 065 3000 for Rod license issues, pollution, fish in trouble, in Wales.

Police 101 or if it is a crime in progress 999 For fish theft and poaching along with theft of fishing rights.

If you do not get a response from the above numbers, simply call Fishery Watch on 0333 011 5888 and we will assist you.

Black Rock Lave Net FisheryFighting to Save Black Rock Lave Net Fishery

Fishery Watch has joined the fight to preserve the ancient art of lave net fishing on the Severn Estuary, Black Rock Lave Net Fishery is the last remaining group of lave net fishermen left in Wales.

There entire existence is being threatened by the rules that Natural resources Wales (NRW) are imposing on them by insisting that they can only operate on a catch and release basis. This practice has been going on on the Severn estuary for hundreds of years, Fishery watch know from information that it has received that they present no risk to local migrating Salmon stcks heading for the River Wye & River Usk as NRW say, please bare in mind that they only caught 2 Salmon in the whole season of 2019.

Fishery Watch believes that more will die from Catch & Release being practiced by Salmon anglers in these river than these lave net fishermen would catch anyway. It is our belief that if NRW have there way, it will be the end of lave net fishing in Wales and we cannot just sit back and see this happen.

Please help to save this wonderful fishery, it poses no threat to the Salmon stocks at all, the seals that a often seen in these rivers are taking more than the fishermen ever will, please sign the petition and join in this fight to protect the future of this ancient method of fishing on the Severn estuary.

Online Petition to Save Black Rock lave Net Fishery

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