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Fishery Watch is a nationwide organisation that is a trading name of UK Angling & Conservation Group Ltd, a registered not for profit company it was established by a team of dedicated anglers, in order promote and protect angling and the environment in and around fisheries, rivers, streams & canals in the United Kingdom and beyond.

We are very different from other organisations out there, we are 100% independant from any government body, this enables us to take on cases and investigations that others organisations would not even consider.

Fishery Watch is hoping to join up with other organisations around the country in order to work together and cover as much of the country as  is possible in order to protect our great sport & the environment and wildlife around fisheries all over the country.

 Success After Success!

SuccessThis month has been a very busy month here at Fishery Watch, we have seen our water keepers doing angling proud with there efforts and answering public requests to attend lots of callouts all over the country, we have also seen an increase in the number of nightime survelliance request coming into the office.

We are constantly reporting crime to the Environment Agency who are not presently responding to callout unless they are category A calls, the Police have been exceptionally responsive to our call during these difficult times. Recently we had a fantastic response from Thames Valley Police when one of our water keepers was in a dangerous situation and was indeed being persued by some poachers, they quickly dispatched two cars and came to his assistance, they dealt with the issue at hand excellently and dismantled a encampment, even to the extent that they removed all litter from the site also.

We have sent a letter expressing our gratitude to the chief constable thanking him for the fantastic response and the way the officers and call handler dealt with the incident, it was first rate.

This shows that the different approach that Fishery Watch uses works, why not come and JOIN our team of dedicated water keepers, who really care and work hard to make a a real difference in the defense of Angling & the environment.

Surveillance Service for Affilliated Fisheries & Clubs

fw binoculars

Fishery Watch now provides a Fishery Surveillance service, this service is available to all Fishery Watch affilliated Clubs & Fisheries. We have kitted ourselves out with some pretty high-tech surveillance equipment and we are available to help where and when needed.

The only charge we make for this service is out of pocket expenses like fuel at 20p per mile and we ask you to make a donation that you can afford and you decide how much, it all helps. This is another great not for profit service from Fishery Watch, we will never turn our back on a fishery because they cannot afford to make a donation.

We are available for day & night-time surveillance using some of the latest technology available, it does not matter if it is a case of fish theft or a predation survey we are able to cater for all of your needs.

Simply give us a call on 0333 011 5888 for further information on this unique service and we will give you an estimate of the expenses involved.

Stop Fish being removed from UK Rivers/Streams & Canals.

Stop Fish being removed from UK Rivers/Streams & Canals.

Fishery Watch has started an Online Petition on 38 degrees to petition the Environment Agency and the Government to remove the daily allowance of fish that anglers are legally able to take from some of our waterways.

We would like to see legislation changed to abolish the daily limit of coarse fish that anglers are allowed to take from our Rivers/Stream & Canals in the UK.

Why is this important?

This is causing some species of coarse fish to become very scarce and disapearing from some of our Rivers/Streams & Canals in the UK.

It is also a loophole slao used by fish thieves who are causing parts of our rivers systems to become baron of some species.

We believe that there should also be a small allowance obtainable for predator anglers to be able to use only in the water they are caught in as bait.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver this petition directly by hand to the Environment Agency Headquarters & the Government.

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report small

 Fishery Watch would like to wish all anglers tight lines for this start to the 2020 coarse fishing season. But we must remember that although we are all glad to be back on the bank, it is time to be very vigilant about what we see going on, we must keep reporting issues to the relevant authorities all the time, it is the only way to get our great sport the help it needs with lots of issues. 

Remember for rod license and polution issues or fish welfare you need to be calling the Environment Agency (EA) on 0800 807060 or if you are in Wales, please call Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on 0300 065 3000 and for cases of anti social behaviour and fish theft, poaching etc please call the POLICE on 101, if it is a crime in progress do not be frightened to call 999.

If you do not get a response from any of the above agencies, please call Fishery Watch on 0333 011 5888.

 Black Rock Lave Net FisheryFighting for Black Rock Lave Net Fishery

Fishery Watch has taken on the fight to preserve the ancient art of Lave Net Fishing on the Severn Estuary, Black Rock Lave net Fishery is the last remaining group of lave net fishermen left in Wales.

There entire existance is being threatened by the rules that there landlord, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) are imposing on the group by insisting that they can only operate on a catch and release basis. This practice has been going on for hundreds of years, Fishery Watch knows from the information we have received that there practice poses no threat whatsoever to the Salmon stocks, in fact we believe that they catch a lot less than a very small percentage of the  fish that are being killed in the spawning rivers of the River Wye & River Severn. But it would appear that Natural Resources Wales are happy to allow the massively increased number that die every year from the method they are imposing of Catch & Release. 

Lave Net Fishing in Wales

Fishery Watch is honoured to join the fight to preserve the future of this ancient Lave Net Fishery, unfortunately if this fishery goes that is the end of Lave Net fishing in Wales forever, how sad is that the whole ancient practice will just be dissolved to the history books forever. Fishery Watch cannot and will not allow this to happen without a fisht, and fight we will.

We are calling on Anglers & Conservations alike to come and join us to help preseve this great tradition on the River Severn, these people really are conservationist's themselves, please, please contact Fishery Watch on 0333 011 5888 or in Wales contact 029 2188 0908 or simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and help us to save Black Rock Lave Net Fishery, we cannot let this happen and if we have our way it won't.

Please JOIN US in the fight, you do not have to be a member or even join us to help the fight for Black Rock Lave Net Fishery.

Online Petition to Save Black Rock lave Net Fishery


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