Nationwide Network of VoluntaryWater Keepers

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Is KILLING Angling.

Fishery Watch is taking on the campaign against Predation. It is time for an organisation that is not scared to speak out about the subject.

Fishery Watch is that organisation, alongside Fish Theft Pollution, Predation is a massive threat, we need to fight back together to protect our sport.

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Come and Join an organisation that is truly driven by a passion for Angling & the Environment.


50% Off

During all of the 2021 Lockdown.

Fishery Watch is doing all it can to protect our fisheries during the Covid-19 situation. We understand that the current state of the country is making things hard for people.

We have decided that we would like to show that we care, so we have decided to help the anglers that us, for this reason we are reducing the price of all of our registrations by 50%, during the 2021 lockdown. We would still like people & clubs/fisheries to register and Join us during these hard times.

Water Keeper Registration£20 £10

Annual Fee, includes Photo ID Card, £5M Public Liability & Unlimited Legal Protection, £1M Fines & Compensation cover.

Club/Fishery Registration£20 £10

Annual Fee, includes Photo ID Card, £5M Public Liability & Unlimited Legal Protection, £1M Fines & Compensation cover.

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Sharon Witherbed - Ambassador

Sharon is the latest addition to our ever growing family of Ambassadors. She bailiffs her own five acre reservoir located in Leicestershire, she has also fished in other countries around the world.

This lady has a impressive 40 years experience behind her as an angler, Sharon has PB's of carp to 30lb in UK & 49.12 in France, she has also extreme fished in Thailand with fish up to 150lb.

Sharon is also a Promo member for Vardis Tackle (, she is also a administrator of the Facebook group, Chasing Chunks.

On behalf of everybody at Fishery Watch, THANK YOU for supporting us, we are very grateful to everyone of our fantastic Ambassadors.

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Phillip Beard

We are proud to introduce you to Phillip Beard, who is the first angler to be sponsored by Fishery Watch. He is a good all-rounder who loves fishing for any species, but loves Pike & Carp fishing.

Phillip fishes most days of the week on all sizes of waters from small streams to large gravel pits. He is a very promising angler that excels in whatever method he uses, he just seems to be a mighty catching machine.

Fishery Watch is proud to have Phillip onboard and we look forward to promoting him in everyway he deserves, one things is for sure this man can catch fish.

We will be keeping you up to date with Phillips catches, it will be great following him on his travels along the way, he will also be appearing on the Podcast in the future & our up and coming YouTube channel.

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100% Independent

The only way to effectively safeguard Angling, is to be independent.

Come and JOIN US and let's safeguard Anglings future together.

Our beloved sport faces more dangers now than ever before, Fishery Watch is here to work for angling like no other organisation in this country.

We are 100% voluntary staffed, right down to our directors, we are driven by passion, not money. Angling needs Anglers now to secure it's future.

Join Fishery Watch & become a Water Keeper today.

Sponsor Fishery Watch

Please consider
Sponsoring Fishery Watch

We are seeking Sponsorship from companies that would like to support us. We have lots of great opportunities that maybe of interest to people or companies.

Please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Form, we will forward you a presentation for your perusal, you can also contact us on 0333 011 5888.

Fishery Crime

Rise of fishery crime seen by Fishery Watch, in 2020 compared to 2019

Fishery Watch Membership

Rise in Membership for 2019 to 2020

Angling cannot rely on the Environment Agency (EA) or the Angling Trust (AT) to look after the future of angling. The EA are understaffed on the ground & the AT are heavily funded by the EA, you do not upset the people that pay your wages after all.  ANGLERS NOW need to come together & take on the responsibility of caring for our rivers/streams & waterways, we cannot rely on anybody else to do it, there are more of us anglers that can really make the difference that is needed for angling to thrive again.  Fishery Watch has taken up the fight to protect our fisheries from Fish Theft & Predation, along with we also need to fight for our Rivers/Streams & Waterways that are in a terrible state and need us NOW. We also have to protect the Environment, especially surrounding our fisheries.  

Fishery Watch can handle this battle with your support, due to our 100% independence, we are in a position to fight for Angling unlike any other organisation in the United Kingdom, we are not funded by any government department.

Please consider Joining Fishery Watch, we are the way forward for angling, we MUST STOP what is going on, angling cannot last out the way things are. We all need to come together as one, the current system in place is failing angling in a big way, unrecoverable damaged maybe being done already, angling as we know it may not survive for future generations. We paid in excess of £22M+ in the last 12 months in Rod License fees, that is shared between the Environment Agency & The Angling Trust and they have both failed us. We need to make things change, and it needs to change NOW!.

Bertie Basset Says - Leave nothing but Footprints.

Bertie Says

Meet Bertie, he will be heading our anti litter campaign that we are working with in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy.

Bertie belongs to Adrian Lane (CEO), he is always posing for the camera, so we hope to get some more great shots of him for the campaign.


All true anglers cleanup after their themselves.

Fishery Watch is a trading name of UK Angling & Conservation Group Ltd. Registered in England & Wales as a Not for Profit company.

Company Number: 12551110. Registered Office: 31 Summerleaze, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5QD, England.