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Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5QD, UK

Here are 40 reasons why it is good to be a Water Keeper with Fishery Watch.
please note that you MUST be a paid up holder of a Fishery Watch ID Card to be covered and entitled to the things lister below.
1. You will become a FREE member of the ONLY Water Keeper service that covers the whole of the United Kingdom and is receiving enquiries from other countries.
2. Fishery Watch is not controlled by any government body, it is totally independent and answers ONLY to the Law.
3. FREE insurance cover, our Public Liability insurance covers you to £5M.
4. FREE Employers Liability up to the value of £10M.
5. FREE Legal Protection insurance up to £1M.
6. FREE support 24/7 via our helpline.
7. FREE support from other members, online via the private online Forum.
8. FREE online training & support.
9. FREE training in fishery law, and your rights.
10. Patrol when you want to patrol, no commitment.
11. You will be part of the biggest angling protection organization in the country.
12. No need to keep online logs of your patrols, just report crime as you see it.
13. Meet other anglers with the same passion as you, and support each other.
14. Unlike some services currently being run, we are not capped on our numbers of volunteers.
15. You will be volunteering for a NOT for Profit organization, nobody will be getting rich from your hard work.
16. You will be valued and respected by us and other anglers.
17. The Management Committee do not have overall say about the running of Fishery Watch, it is run by it’s members.
18. Members are able to email topics to be brought up at meetings.
19. Members are able to vote on topics brought up at Management Committee meetings by Email, even if they are not present at meeting, there votes will be counted in the final decision of the meeting.
20. Area Coordinators and Water Keepers are FREE to do there own press releases in the name of Fishery Watch, without the Management Committees permission, we trust you.
21. You will have the full support locally of your Area Coordinator.
22. We will follow up and get information on the conclusion of your reported crimes.
23. We will keep you informed of any intelligence received about fishery crime in your area (via Email) at all times.
24. You will be free to offer your Water Keeper services to any club/fishery that wishes to support us.
25. You will have support on what your rights are within the law, concerning angling.
26. Being a Water Keeper is a rewarding and respected job.
27. You will be issued with certificates for your online training courses.
28. You will have access to our downloadable documentation library on fishery law.
29. Access to downloadable Reference literature on Non Native Species.
30. Access downloadable literature Water Safety.
31. Access to downloadable library covering Fishery Biosecurity.
32. Participate in campaigns run by Fishery Watch, to protect angling.
33. Meet new friends in your area.
34. Learn & improve your people skills.
35. Learn the techniques that Fish Thieves use and what to look out for.
36. Learn intelligence gathering techniques.
37. Learn how to work incognito, it works better than walking around badged up.
38. After 6th January 2020, we will be sending out a weekly newsletter, to keep you up to date with what is happening at Fishery Watch.
39. Interact with angling clubs when they need help with anything.
40. Learn how to monitor and report Predation.

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