31 Summerleaze
Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5QD

Adrian Lane & Bertie

Fishery Watch is a trading name of the UK Angling & Conservation Group Ltd which is registered in England & Wales, as a not for profit company, registration number: 12551110. Fishery Watch was formed in August 2019 by Adrian Lane & Paul Marsh, the idea was to create a nationwide network of voluntary Water Keepers to protect and preserve the fish stocks & conserve the environment and wildlife, streams, rivers, canals & fisheries all over the United Kingdom & wherever else we are needed.

We are an independent organisation that prides itself in being 100% transparent, we are not governed by any government organisation.

We use a secure app to keep all of our Water Keepers in constant communication with each other and allow them to share live intelligence between each other, therefore keeping everybody right up to date at all times.

Fishery Watch is dedicated to the issues of predation, pollution & fish disease, we are also looking to help fisheries with the problems around evasive fish and plant species.

Whatever style of angling you participate in, if you fish with rod and line, then Fishery Watch is here for you and to protect the sport we all love.

Fishery Watch prides itself in operating in a totally legal manner, we meet every legal requirement need to operate. We totally respect the law of the land, You can ask us anything and will always respond with a truthful answer.

The level of dedication within our organisation is second to none. We only speak the truth and, are totally up front with the facts.

We promote the Country Code and also promote the practice of Biosecurity in angling, it is very important in these times.

The promotion of angling is also very important, we encourage the young to come and participate in our great sport. We also believe in the health benefits that angling has for people with disabilities, people with mental health issues can benefit in a great way through angling.

There are also plans to start having matches, that anybody will be allowed to fish, you will not have to be a member to have to fish our matches we plan to get them underway in 2021.

We are also looking for ponds and lakes that have fallen into states of disrepair that we can negotiate deals with the land owners to get these waters back into angling and look good again.

We are currently developing an online learning system to train our Water Keepers and volunteers with to a high standard, it is anticipated that this will be up and running in early 2021.

Fishery Watch is also looking at helping clubs and fisheries with maintenance and work parties where possible, all of this is free of charge. We also do surveillance for clubs and fisheries, we are fully equipped with night vision equipment and trails camera’s along with professional two way radios, the surveillance service is charged at an expenses only rate.