Fishery Watch is a trading name of UK Angling & Conservation Group Ltd, a registered Not for Profit company, registered in England and Wales at Companies House, Company Number: 12551110.

The company is run in a way that we believe that a Not for Profit company should be run, we employ NO salaried staff, even our directors are all volunteers. The whole operation is driven on our love for Angling and the Environment.

We operate a 100% independent nationwide network of voluntary Water Keepers to protect and support clubs & fisheries all over the United Kingdom.

Fishery Watch has the sole purpose of protecting the interests of Angling & Anglers from anything it feels is a danger to it, we work to protect all of rivers/waterways & fisheries in the United Kingdom from the dangers of Fish Theft & Pollution, plus always work to protect the Environment & Wildlife in and around our waterways and fisheries. If our sport is threatened in anyway we will fight back to protect it.

We are unlike a lot of other organisations in the United Kingdom, We are not frightened to speak out and voice our opinions for the good of angling, the environment or nature. We protect the interests of our Water Keepers 24/7, you are never alone when you are with Fishery Watch, come and join an organisation that will value your efforts, you will only be supporting angling, and not earning an organisation money.

If you hear of anything that you consider to be a threat to Angling, Environment, Nature or our Waterways, please contact us, we will follow it up and make an effort to get it put right.

Angling needs an independent voice to fight it’s corner, Fishery Watch 100% fits the description, PLEASE SUPPORT US.

We won’t let you down, If it's right, we will fight, that is guaranteed.

Tight Lines All

Adrian Lane (CEO)

Paul Marsh (MD)

Sebastian Coe (Director)