Des Taylor


Des Taylor is one of the best known all round anglers in the United Kingdom, having caught a wide range of species including a near record Dace and even a 2000lb Great White Shark. Des was the first winner of the Angling Writers Association "Best Angling Writer of the Year" award he has also been writing for Angling Times for the past 30 years.

Des currently holds the position of President of the Perch Fishers Club, plus he is proud to be a Patron of The British Disabled Anglers Association. Des is also a trustee for The Angling Heritage Charity, he is also a Ambassador for the Barbel Society.

Probably the best way to describe Des Taylor in angling is "He has got all the T-shirts", but Des has never regarded angling as just catching the big fish due to his passion for nature and the natural world, therefore every fishing trip provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of each location.

Fishery Watch are very proud to have Des aboard as one of our Ambassadors, he is a truly supportive angler with a very deep passion for what he does.

Thank you for supporting Fishery Watch Des, we look forward to a long working relationship with you.