Simon Crow


Born and bred in Wolverhampton, Simon Crow caught his first carp in 1980, aged 10. After completing a Fisheries Masters Degree in the mid-90s he settled in Yorkshire, building a career in the angling industry. Crowy excels at all forms of carping, and has caught carp from more than 400 different waters, including sixties from four countries. Amongst his favourite captures he includes Eric's Common from Rainbow Lake at 86lb 8oz, the prestigious Wood Common from Spitfire Pool at 52lb 8oz and his own personal favourite The Nostell Biggun from West Yorkshire at 43lb 6oz. In 1996, alongside Rob Hughes, he was the co-winner of the first ever World Carp Cup, and in March 2014, was inducted into the illustrious Carp Fishing Hall of Fame. Today Crowy works as a full-time angling consultant for Avid Carp, and in between the fishing, enjoys running marathons.