NAME: Fishery Watch hereafter refered to as (FW) is a trading name of UK Angling & Conservation Group Ltd, registered at Companies House as a Not for Profit company that is backed by Directors Guarantees, Registration Number: 12551110.

Registered Office: 31 Summerleaze, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5QD, United Kingdom.

Contact Details: These will be displayed on the organisations web site at

Accountants: Dean Accountancy Services Ltd, 15 High Street, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5DP.

Banking: Lloyds Bank Plc, 55 Newerne Street, Lydney, GL15 5RA.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. FW will operate a Nationwide Independant Network of Voluntary Water Keepers.
  2. FW will work with law enforcement to prevent and solve Fishery Crime.
  3. FW agress to share all intelligence gathered with the necessary authorities.
  4. FW will support & train Water Keepers in intelligence gathering.
  5. FW will train Water Keepers in the United Kingdom, Laws of angling.
  6. FW will advise and promote the safety of our Water Keepers.
  7. FW will advise and promote legal items that can be of use to enable Water Keepers to protect themselves.
  8. FW will promote & protect Anglings future.
  9. The management committee will consist of three Directors and four members.
  10. All practices that FW participate in must be done in compliance with English Law.
  11. FW will do all in it's power to fight Fishery Crime.
  12. FW agrees to have all legal requirements in place to operate.
  13. FW will always remain 100% independant from any Government organisation.
  14. FW will work to protect the waterways & seas around the United Kingdom, from pollution.
  15. FW will work to protect & improve the environment and nature around fisheries.
  16. FW will promote the work of Keep Britain Tidy during it's Litter clearings, and provide the relevant data to them.
  17. FW will promote the importance of Biosecurity in angling.
  18. FW will fight for angling against the threats of predation.
  19. FW will work to provide a rescue service for wildlife and wildfowl.
  20. FW will operate a Swan Rescue service for injured Swans, plus any other wildfowl.
  21. FW will promote the Countryside Code.
  22. FW employs NO paid Staff & never will.
  23. FW agrees that all Directors will not be paid any salary, but can claim out of pocket expenses ONLY.
  24. The Directors will always retain ownership of Fishery watch, but will run it democratically with the Management Committee's decision making.
  25. FW agree that any surplus money remaining at the end of the financial year will be put back into angling.


Registration is charged at an annual fee of £20 for Water Keepers & £20 for Clubs & Fisheries, this includes 1 Water Keeper cover, additional Water Keepers are charged at £12.00 per year. Membership includes the following.

  1. 1 x Photo ID card.
  2. £5m Public Liability insurance
  3. Unlimited Legal Protection.
  4. £1m Compensation & Fines insurance.
  5. 1 x Pocket Notebook (if required)

Regions of Operation:

  1. FW will operate throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, we will offer our services in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. We will also operate outside of the UK if angling needs us. We are open to other that would like to establish groups under the Fishery Watch title in other countries.


  1. FW can ONLY be dissolved by the directors passing the required resolution.
  2. FW agrees to return any assets loaned to them by people or sponsors, to the people or sponsors. All goods or items that were given to us will be sold and the money put into the company funds.
  3. FW agrees that any money left over after all overheads and loans have been repaid will be donated to an Angling related charity.