Adrian Lane (CEO)

Adrian is very much a man of experience, he has used his expertise working for companies like Vodafone in a national managerial role, he has also worked with quite a few famous celebrities in the entertainment industry along the way, including the famous Cornish comedian Jethro. Now at the age of 57, Adrian has been an angler since he was in his early teens, he was even professional angler for about 10 years in the 1980's, he has a lot of experience to bring to Fishery Watch. Adrian is also an experienced Swan Keeper & wildfowl carer, he also had the honour of working alongside Her Majesties Swan Keeper, the late Mr John Turk MVO. Anybody who knows Adrian will know that he just says it, as it is, he has no time lies, he has also been studying fishery law for the last ten years.

Paul Marsh (Managing Director)

Paul is a founder member Fishery Watch & brings a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to Fishery Watch, Paul is a retired Police Officer, with over thirty years service in the job. He has a very knowledgeable legal background to be of great service to our cause, Paul tends to take the lead in all of our investigations. He is also the chairman of his parish council, he lives he lives on on a Dutch Barge on the banks of the River Severn he own designed boat himself, it is his pride and joy.

Sebastian Coe (Director)

Sebastian is also a founder member of Fishery Watch, he is also studying fishery law, he is a very keen angler with lots of other skills that he brings to the table, he is also there for our Water Keepers if they need any advice or assistance.