Julian Cundiff Litter Pick.What an excellent example by Julian Cundiff (Ambassador), while out and about in the countryside, he found the time to do a litter pick. Looks like you did a great job Jules, you are an inspiration to us all.

This really shows how we can all make such a difference to protect the environment that we all enjoy, when we go out angling, it also shows that anglers really care for the environment around them. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of making that extra effort, it is important that we are seen to care, people will notice what we do, and perhaps it will inspire others to follow suite.

The one thing that we can be sure of is, people will always notice what we leave behind, even if we did not put it there, if you are the last person seen there it will always be assumed that an angler did it.

Please remember that we are working with Keep Britain Tidy and it looks great that our ambassadors are also doing it, as Bertie Basset says, LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS.

Berties Basstet - Leave Nothing But Footprints


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