Whistleblowing on Angling Trust & Environment AgencyIt is all over Social Media that a former employee of the Angling Trust is about to Whistleblow on both the Environment Agency & the Angling Trust. We are hearing that the person in question is also taking the Angling Trust to a tribunal.

It is believed that the intensions of this person is to state that the Angling Trust & the Environment Agency are unfit for purpose, which is a statement that I personally would agree with about both organisations. I would have more respect for the person doing the Whistleblowing if they had done it whilst in their employment, and not after they had left, but it is what it is. Every angler knows how badly the Environment Agency have let us down, it has also come to light via Mr Martin Salter on the Angling Trust Facebook page, he stated in a post that the new National Enforcement Manager, Nino Brancato salary is paid out of the license fee, Mr Salter received a lot of negative comments from unhappy people after that statement, he removed a lot of negative comments, then he disapeared offline.

We have had lots of Anglers contacting us and are asking if the rest of the ex police officers at the Angling Trust are also paid from the license fee, whilst we cannot answer that question definitively, it is my personal opinion that given the amount of money they receive from the Environment Agency annually, it could well be the case. That is a lot of money that I think should be put into angling, not the Angling Trust.

The next few weeks could see a lot of activity on this story, we will all have to wait and see what or dose not come of it.

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