Fishery Watch Water Keeper of the Year 2020

Thomas Corrigan - Water Keeper of the Year 2020

Left to right: Sebastian Coe (Director), Adrian Lane (CEO), Thomas Corrigan (Area Coordinator) & Paul Marsh (MD)

The directors of Fishery Watch travelled to Oxfordshire and met up with Thomas Corrigan, our Area Coordinator for the county of Oxfordshire at Farnham Resevoir. Thomas was presented with a Christmas Hamper for his great efforts over the year, we also delivered flowers for his wife, she has been poorly for a long time. Thomas has been out patrolling most days of the year, come rain or shine, he never fails to do his patrols. He has been responsible for lots of good quality intelligence being fed through to both the Environment Agency & Thames Valley Police.

Thomas was overwhelmed with his award and has been out patrolling, even with broken ribs that are now requiring surgery, THANK YOU Thomas, you have gone above and beyond. We would also like to thank Thomas for the very kind donation he has made of £100 to Fishery Watch on 8th January 2021.

Great effort Thomas, you have done Fishery Watch proud.


Adrian (CEO), Paul (MD), Sebastian (Director

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