135237887 2940276239536163 8795264115481568374 nFishery Watch would personally like to thank the Fish & Wildlife Environmental Conservation Group RAZZA RATS for their great speed at coming to the rescue today (10/1/2021) of a pollution incident yesterday on the Dudley No1 Canal. They reported it to the authorities namely the Canal & River Trust (CRT) and the Environment Agency (EA), CRT responded quickly with a scientist calling them back, it would appear that the pollution is contained within a lock at Blowers Green Lock, so the polution has not passed up the canal beyond the lock.

It is not yet know what has caused the Pollution, there has been some talk of similar looking incidents around the area, it has been quoted as possibly being engineering coolant or oil, but this has not been confirmed.

Excellent response by all concerned, well done everybody involved, could have been a nastier situation, although it is bad enough, it looks like it will be dealt with quickly.


See pictures below.









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Razza Rats report polution in on Dudley N1 Canal.

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