Staying Safe is more important

We would like to urge all Water Keepers and Anglers to please abide by the current restrictions that are currently imposed to protect people from Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping our country at present. Fishery Watch is not asking anybody to step outside of the current guidelines, all restriction rules must be abided by at all times, staying safe is far more important that patrolling to protect fish, we must set an example.

When it comes to fishing, we believe that all anglers should wait until restrictions allow, that way we can all live to fish another day, please keep yourself up to date with all of the current restriction, it can be very costly if you get it wrong. Fishery Watch has suspended publication of our monthly newsletter & our Podcast until restrictions are lifted, as we cannot do any outdoor interviews until things change.

Please stay safe, abide by the rules, live to fish another day.


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