Razza Rats

Fishery Watch has teamed up with Razza Rats based in Dudley, West Midlands, to protect and preserve the interests of Angling, Fish, Environment & Wildlife along our waterways. They are like us also very keen on spotting and dealing with Pollution incidents.They are a very deidcated group of Geologists that really get out there and care for everything that happens along our waterways, they do a lot of litter and rubbish clearing, both on the banks of waterways and from within them.

They also like to get up and personal with the fish in our waterways, they get out there diving and photographing fish underwater, they have produced some great footage.

Razza Rats will be working with Fishery Watch as part of the ever increasing large family we now have, these guys and dolls just love getting out there and doing what they really believe in , just like we do.

There was a recent pollution incident on the Dudley No1 Canal that they spotted and reported to the relevant authorities, they also rescued som of the fish from the situation and moved them to safety. It is intended that they will become Fishery Watch registered Water Keepers and will look after the Dudley area for Fishery Watch. We will be supporting them and backing them up in anyway we can.

Razza Rats

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