Cleanup at Bunch of Grapes PoolFishery Watch team the Razza Rats, attended the Bunch of Grapes Pool, Bilston, West Midlands to attend a pollution incident concerning dumped oil in split containers being dumped in the car park and running into the poll via a drain. This caused a 25 feet slick on the pool of oil, team member Jase, sealed of the car par entrance with the rope of a life saving bouy, only to get a ticket fron the police for damage to council property, Fishery Watch contacted the local police and explained what was going on and that he was only trying to stop cars taking the oil out of the car park on there tyres and creating a hazard for motorists on the main road, the police have now withdrawn the ticket.

Razza Rats reported the pollution incident to the Environment Agency Hotline, they said it was not there responsibility, although they did send Severn Trent Water down to the scene, who also said that it was nothing to do with them. Fishery Watch contacted the local Highways department, they immediately dispatched a crew to the scene, they did a great job.  Fishery Watch then contacted Wolverhampton Council out of hours service, they dispatched one of our ambassadors, Mr Ed Brown from Furnace Mill Fishery. Ed and his crew attended on site and have removed 450 litres of contaminated water from the car park alone, they also sorted the pollution on the pool, so it all had a good ending, showing that we are there when we are needed.

It should also be noted that no fish appear to have been injured or killed due to the rapid responses of Razza Rats, Wolverhampton Highways Department & Ed Brown from Furnace Mill Fishery. This again shows another failure by the Environment Agency & Severn Trent Water also.

This just shows that Fishery Watch working in conjunction with other groups like Razza Rats - WORKS.


Fishery Watch Team Razza Rats