Fishery Watch has officially launched a campaign to SAVE THE ZANDER in the United Kingdoms rivers & canals. We are petitioning the Canal & River Trust (CRT), Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Environment Agency (EA) for the ZANDER to be removed from the Non Native Species status it currently has, and to be recognised as a Native Species in the United Kingdom.

The Canal & River Trust (CRT) seem totally focused on eradicating ZANDER in the United Kingdom. They are electrofishing the ZANDER out of the canals and suffocating them in plastic bags in order to kill them, as anglers we are conservationists, there is no way we can condone this method of killing, regardless of it being legal or not, it is plain cruelty. 

The Canal & River Trust (CRT) are doing this in our opinion for nothing more than a money making excercise, Mr John Ellis who is the National Fisheries &. Angling Manager of Canal & River Trust (CRT), he is also a Voluntary Director of the Angling Trust, so is one to assume that they agree with the Canal & River Trust (CRT) practices, because we do not hear them speaking out in defence of the ZANDER, do we.

It is the personal opinion of our CEO, Adrian Lane that all Canal & River Trust (CRT) are interested in is the revenue that they gain from the sale of the ZANDER caught that Mr John Ellis has openly admitted that they are sold to Billingsgate Fish Market, they also take money for a ZANDER competition held on there canals called ZANDERMANIA, ok then is it a case of let's take the ZANDER Fishermans money, then when they are not there, we will kill the fish we charge them to fish for in ZANDERMANIA, next year they will all be back.

The ZANDER has proved that it is absolutely NO threat to UK angling, it has been here long enough and has had NO impact on the ecosystems of our waters in the United Kingdom, we insist that the ZANDER be recognised as a true UK NON ALIEN species.

It is also interesting that the company the Canal & River Trust (CRT) use to remove the ZANDER from the canal system is MEM Fisheries of Leicester ( of which Mr John Ellis was a director of. Fisheries Watch has now dedicated itself to the campain of SAVE THE ZANDER and all we ask is for ZANDER fishermen all across the country to support us, please share the above logo anywhere you wish, you can even put it in your site, our permission is not needed. We just all need to come together and fight for the future of ZANDER fishing in the United Kingdom

Adrian Lane (CEO)