31 Summerleaze
Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5QD, UK

Name: The organisation shall be known as Fishery Watch, and referred to as FW.
Address: 31 Summerleaze, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5QD.
Contact Methods: All contact methods will be listed on the Fishery Watch website, www.fisherywatch.co.uk.
2. Aims & Objectives:
  1. To train Water Keepers in the art of fishery crime detection.
  2. To detect and accurately report fishery crime and poaching to the relevant authorities.
  3. To educate Water Keepers in the laws surrounding angling & fishery crime.
  4. To promote the legal rights that everybody has, in order to deal with fishery crime.
  5. To promote & safeguard angling for future generations.
  6. To train Water Keepers in the Health & Safety surrounding working near water.
  7. To promote care of the environment surrounding fisheries.
  8. To educate Water Keepers in spotting & reporting fish disease.
  9. To train Water Keepers in dealing with invasive plants around fisheries
  10. To educate anglers & Water Keepers in Bio Security.
  11. To promote Angling at all times and to assist anybody or fishery/club that asks for our help.
  12. To Campaign for the rights & protection of angling.
  13. To train and introduce young people into angling.
  14. To provide coaching for disabled and disadvantaged children.
  15. To educate people in the environment & wildlife surrounding fisheries & rivers.
  16. To promote the health benefits of angling.
  17. To promote the Countryside Code.
  18. To fight for the rights of anglers, coarse/game & sea anglers.
  19. To carry out studies on polution and depreciation of river environments.
  20. To fight for the rights of angling against introduced predation.
  21. To fight for justice, for anglers & angling against corrupt practices.
3. Membership:
Membership is FREE but donations are accepted and open to anyone over the age of 18 years old, you only have to cover the cost of your Photo ID Badge, £10.00 including p+p.
  1. Membership is ONLY valid upon purchase of your Photo ID Card.
  2. Members will be known as Water Keepers & Area Coordinators.
  3. All members are covered by the Fishery Watch Public Liability Insurance up to £5M.
  4. Members are expected to act in a polite and civilised manner at all times when out on patrol.
  5. Members will be bound to work within the Fishery Watch Rules.  These are available from the members section, please keep up to date with them as they may change.
  6. No member is allowed to interfere with any other organisation actions while out on patrol, we all do our own thing.
  7. Members will also be expected to maintain strict Bio Security measures when moving from fishery to fishery.
4. Administration
  1. The Administration of Fishery Watch, will be through the Management Committee also referred to as the MC.
  2. The MC will propose all agendas to members at least 48 hours before any meeting is held.
  3. All members even if not present at the meeting will be able to comment and vote on topics discussed.
  4. FW is run as a Not for Profit organization.
  5. All topics & votes must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be included in the agenda at a relevant meeting.
  6. The MC must make sure that all decisions are made in a democratic way, taking all comments from members and votes into consideration.
  7. The MC is responsible for making sure that FW is run properly, and that members always work in a safe and legal manner.
  8. Sponsorship proposals will be announced at meetings and the MC plus any member present or not will be able to vote and comment on the proposal before it is accepted.
  9. The MC will hear any disciplinary cases, they will always give the person being referred to the right to be heard before any decision is made.
  10. The MC can upon a fair hearing expel any member it feels has acted in a manner that has brought FW into disrepute, or damaged the reputation of FW.  It may also choose to expel anyone who has acted not within the law or the interests of FW.
  11. The MC has the right to impose conditions on a members membership for a set period of time in order to correct any wrong doing within FW.
  12. The MC can ask for at anytime for a member to undertake a DBS check, if they feel it is necessary to validate a members validity for membership of FW.
  13. The MC decides that a DBS check is required, the cost must be met by the member not FW.
  14. Any member brought before the MC on the basis of a disciplinary, has the right to have a representative or somebody outside of FW to either represent them or witness the hearing.
  15. The MC has the right to call a disciplinary hearing for any member that has committed an offence that is brought to there attention.
  16. The MC are responsible for any Press releases concerning FW they MUST be approved at a meeting before they are released. Although Area Coordinators are FREE to disclose about there group to the press, they just need to get approval from the Head Bailiff or National Water Keeper.
  17. The MC has to approve all Area Coordinator allocations at meetings, again every member has the right to vote or speak on any AC allocation.
  18. Any member may call an emergency meeting of the MC.  Members will also be allowed to attend that meeting, but the member must contact the Secretary to arrange the meeting of the MC giving at least 48 hours notice.
5. Regions
  1. Fishery Watch will promote & work to protect angling & fisheries in the following parts of the United Kingdom, England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.
  2. Fishery Watch will operate within and respect the laws and angling bye-laws of the regions that we operate within.
6. Dissolution
  1. Fishery Watch can only be dissolved after a resolution has been passed by the MC and voted on by membership.
  2. Any assets that FW has will first be offered back to the sponsors who supplied them, or the person or organisation that donated them.
  3. If any items of value remain after the sponsors and donators have had there equipment returned, these will be sold and the money from the sale of the items will be donated to a angling related charity or project.                                                                          
  4. 7 Law
Fishery Watch will always work in a safe and legal manner, we will be governed by the Law of England and any other country we are operating in.

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