Adam Penning


Adam Penning has been hooked on Carp Fishing since 1985 when he caught that first fish, from there onwards he went on to become one of the most famous figure in the carp angling world.

He is very passionate about anything to do with carp fishing and angling in general and he has always worked hard to support good causes that have come his way over the years. Adam has worked in the tackle industry since 1996 and he has been very involved with product development with some of the tackle markets leading companies. Adam is a very active writer and has wrote for the angling media since 1999, and has appeared on filmed programs that have been transmitted by Sky Sports & the Discovery Channel, plus his book writing.

Adam has never sought fame within the carp angling circuit, it simply came his way. He has fished just about every kind of water out there ranging from river to huge sized gravel pits and all other types in between. Nothing gives Adam more pleasure than getting up close and personal with his quarry, he particularly loves to try and tempt them with the method of stalking and fishing floating baits, it is the most exciting way to catch a carp for sure.

Fishery Watch are very proud to have Adam onboard as an ambassador and we look forward to working with him on what we really stand for, the protection of fisheries and to protect and promote anglings future. All of which is very close to Adams heart. For further information about Adam and the services he provides, simply visit, Adam provides some great guiding services and he also does tutorials, Adam is a great carp angler, we are very pleased to have him as a member of the Fishery Watch family.