Our Facilities

The following Facilities are available to all of our registered users, FREE of Charge. Fishery Watch works hard to provide facilities that are of use to fight the causes and make us more effective and successful in what we do.

Please help us to help each other, if you have anything surplus that could be of use to us in our battle to protect angling and the waterways in the United Kingdom. Please consider letting us make use of them, please call us on 0333 011 5888.

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Control Room
24/7 available to users.

Fishery Watch has invested in getting some bespoke software written for our NEW Control Room facility. We have setup a system where by you can book your Patrols into the Control Room and you will have a single point of contact for everything.

We have a unique contacting system for communicating with the Control Room without having to speak to them , if that is necessary, that way you are guaranteed the response you need, without having to wait in a que for the authorities, we will do it all for you.