Dispute Resolution

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we value you and your rights!

Here at Fishery Watch we understand that there will be times when people do not agree on things, it is called life.

We have put in place a proper Dispute Resolution policy, this is in order to deal fairly with any matters that may arise us and our volunteers, or volunteers having a dispute between themselves..

Please make yourself aware of the procedure for raising a dispute, just in case you do have cause to consider raising a dispute about anything in the future.

Fishery Watch 100% respect what our Volunteers do, we value you very much, but at times things can go wrong, but rest assured we will always treat you fairly and with respect.

Here is the Dispute Resolution Procedure Policy.

  1. There are lots of reasons why people may want to report a dispute, it could be for any of the reasons listed in Item 2 below.
  2. It could be that somebody has made a racist remark towards you, or perhaps commented on your sexuality, perhaps you feel bullied, anything that concerns you should be raised according to this policies procedures, we are here to help.
  3. If you feel that you have cause or concern about a matter to feel that you need to raise a dispute, simply inform us by sending an email to admin@fisherywatch.co.uk or calling the office on 01594 372992 and asking to speak to a director.
  4. Once you have informed us of your concerns, a meeting will be called of the Management Committee within seven working days.
  5. The meeting may be held in person, or due the the large area we cover, we may choose to use a video conferencing facility.
  6. The meeting will be recorded and you will be supplied with a copy of that recording, immediately after the meeting has finished.
  7. The members of the Management Committee must be people that you do not know personally, if you notice a person on the Management Committe you know personally, you must inform the chairperson, and that person will be removed.
  8. The Management Committee will then take your concerns to the other party to see if an amicable solution can be found, you also have the right to be present at that meeting also.
  9. Please note that either party has the right to have somebody else present as a witness, or to advise you.
  10. If the matter cannot be resolved amicably to the satisfaction of both parties, the Management Committee will then make a ruling on the matter.
  11. If either party is not happy with the ruling, they have 14 days to register an appeal against the decision of the Management Committee.
  12. The management Committee will then reopen the matter, and hear any further arguements before they make there final decision.
  13. If either party is still not happy with the final decision made by the Management Committee, you have the legal right to refer the matter to arbitration to seek a acceptable resolution to the matter, Fishery Watch will always agree to participate in Arbitration for the good of both parties involved.
  14. Fishery Watch operate a fair Dispute Resolution service and we will always work hard with both parties to sort the matter the best way we can for the benefit of all involved.
  15. The Management Committee reserve the right to suspend or withdraw membership of Fishery Watch, when it is necessary to protect either party or Fishery Watch itself.
  16. In the case of very serious matters, we may choose to report severe incidents to the Police or any other authority for the purpose of protecting people and Fishery Watch, we do not tolerate any criminal activity towards any mebers of Fishery Watch.
  17. This procedure in no way effects your legal rights, according to the Laws of the United Kingdom.
  18. We may choose to operate a three strikes and your out policy on a person committing a breach of our rules, or in serious case the Management Committee have the power to remove a member from the organisation.