Water Keeper Rules

All Fishery Watch Water Keepers are bound by these Rules and expected to follow them at all times.

  1. You must remember that you do not have any more legal powers, than anybody else.
  2. All Water Keepers must be carrying there Photo ID Cards, when out in the field.
  3. Water Keepers must produce their Photo ID Card to anybody who makes a request to see it.
  4. You must act within the law at all times.
  5. You are required to record as much detailed intelligence as possible.
  6. All Intelligence must be reported back to the Fishery Watch Control Room, and passed onto the relevant authorities.
  7. Risk assess every aspect of what is occuring, never put yourself at risk anymore than you need to.
  8. Always record a What 3 Words Locator of the incident, and pass this onto the Control Room.
  9. Pollution Incidents must be reported to the Environment Agency, always note down the reference.
  10. Water Keeper are expected to act in a polite and legal manner at all times.
  11. You must always have the permission of the fishery owner to be present on there land.
  12. You are not allowed to carry any self defence items, ONLY FarbGel, which is legal in the UK.
  13. FarbGel MUST only be used as a last resort to protect yourself.
  14. You are expected to always cooperate with the authorities in a respectful manner.
  15. If you are not sure about anything, DON'T ACT on it, call the Control Room for advice on 0330 043 6323.
  16. From 1st March 2021, you will be required to complete a risk assessment form for each patrol, this is for insurance purposes.

Stay Safe everybody, if you need any help or assistance, simply call the Control Room ob 0330 043 6323.