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7th February 2020 - Member Excluded

It is with much regret and sincere apologies that we have to announce that we have had no choice but to evict a member of Fishery Watch. Whilst we believe that he had our best interests at heart, he over stepped the mark and has upset potential members/sponsors of Fishery Watch.

The individual has subsequently been expelled from Fishery Watch. As an organisation we are and always will be 100% transparent in our actions and strongly believe in a duty of candour. We are currently applying for charity status and will always be open and honest, not only to our members but to anyone enquiring about our activities. If anyone has any questions about this statement please contact us for clarification.

We are a voluntary organisation whose sole purpose is to protect angling & anglers and to introduce new anglers into the sport.

This statement shows that Fishery Watch is 100% transparent in everything we do, so it was felt necessary to release this statement to show that we will NOT tolerate any wrong doing of any sort. We will expose it, even when it happens within our own organisation.

Please note that no data breach has occurred due to this persons actions, as everything was locked down when we became aware of the situation.

1st February 2020 - New Social Media Manager
Peter Baker

We would like to welcome Peter Baker to the post of Social Media Manager, as well as being the Area Coordinator for Essex.

Peter is very experienced in Social Media marketing and brings a great skill set to Fishery Watch, he will be managing our Facebook page & Twitter account, he will also be establishing a presence for us on Instagram.

Thank you Peter, we all look forward to working with my friend.

23rd January 2020 - Newly Appointed Membership Secretary.

Fishery Watch is pleased to announce the appointment of Leanne Bill, as our new Membership Secretary. She has joined us at a very busy time for Fishery Watch, with our launch having just happened on 6th January 2020 along with us applying for charitiable status.

Leanne is very keen to get everything in place to make Fishery Watch run smoothly and be successful, as we know it will be.

If you have any queries on Membership related matters, then please feel free to drop Leanne a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Welcome aboard Leane the whole team are looking forward to working with you.

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