Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Water Pollution

The waterways & seas around the United Kingdom are in a terrible state that cannot be allowed to carry on.

Fishery Watch is committed to fighting for the preservation and restoration of our waterways. We must fight for Pollution FREE waterways and we must make sure that the poluters are brought to justice.

Please report Pollution incidents to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060, then please inform Fishery Watch on 0333 011 5888 or email: pollution@fisherywatch.co.uk.

Please see below the current incidents that we are currently involved in, please report to us anything that concerns you, while out and about along our inland or coastal waterways.

Foam on Middle River Severn

Reported by Des Taylor

It was reported to Fishery Watch in November 2020 by Des Taylor (Ambassador) that the Foam that frequently appears on the middle stretches of the River Severn, has an effect on the fish in the river.

It is reported that when the Foam appears on the top of the water, the normal everyday fish like, barbel, chub & roach just seem to switch off feeding immediately, it is as if they a dormatised in the water, then the preditors seem to switch on and move in on the fish. Once the foam has past, all seems to immediately return to normal.

We have recruited some experts to investigate this, they are also seeking the support of some respected anaylists to look into this matter.

If you see any evidence of Foam on the Middle Reaches of the River Severn, or you have any evidence or experience of what might be causing this phenomenom the please report it to Fishery Watch, we are going deeply into this one.

We know that Foam can occur naturally and be organic and in most cases harmless, but it is feared that the cause of this Foam may have a more sinister origin & content that is actually effecting the fish population in the River Severn.

Call: 0333 011 5888 with any intelligence.