Fishery Watch is determined to fight for anglings future against the unsustainable levels of predation in the United Kingdom.

We are prepared to stand up and protest like no other organisation in this country, many are frightened to say the Otter word, we are not, we will just say it as it is. Fishery Watch do in fact fight for the rights of wildlife, but the situation that presents itself to angling at the moment is at unrealistic levels that have the power to destroy anglings future, we cannot just sit back and watch it happen.

Fishery Watch in NO way dislikes Otters or any other wildlife that is predatory on fish, we simply want powers put in place for the preservation of fish stocks. Any angler can see and understnd that the predators are here to stay, there ismply is not enough thought being given to numbers, we understand that these animals are only doing what they have to do to survive.

All of the animals and birds that are a threat to angling are beautiful creatures that we all like to watch when we go out fishing.

Anglers MUST Fight Back & make the organisations that take our money and have a duty of care to us make a move to support us.

The Environment Agency have a duty of care to Anglers & the future of Angling as they take our Rod License Fee, but they do nothing to support us on Predation, we need them to start to address the problem and consult with the angling community.

Please SIGN our Online Petition if you agree with the fact that the Environment Agency need to support Angling on this issue.