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We MUST STOP the mission that the Canal & River Trust (CRT) are on, they are out to totally eradicate the UK's population of Zander.

Anglers MUST come together and show them that what they are doing is wrong, and it MUST STOP NOW!

The Fishery Watch Campaign to protect the Zander in the United Kingdon has started, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Please follow this page, if you are a group interested in protecting ZANDER, contact us at:

It is time to stand up for the Zander, it is being persecuted by the Canal & River Trust (CRT), who simply want to empty all of the Canals & Rivers they look afterof the Zander population.

We are Petitioning CRT to stop it's current practices against Zander, we are also petitioning DEFRA to recognise the Zander as a now Non Alien species, and we want the Environment Agency (EA) to give it the support and recognishion that other native species have. The is no scientific evidence to show that the Zander poses any danger to the United Kingdom' Canals & Rivers ecosystems, Zander are here to stay.

Fishery Watch - Save The Zander Campaign


We have launched a campaign and an online petition, aimed at getting the status of the Zander changed from being an alien species to a native species in the UK.

The Zander is a fantastic sporting fish that has been here for many years, theres is no evidence whatsoever that they are a danger to any ecosystem in the UK, the Zander have shown that to be the case.

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