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The Big One

Stoneleigh, Warwickshire 2020

The Big One, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire 2020.

Fishery Watch decided to have a day out at The Big One, on Saturday 29th February 2020.

The show was very well organised. I take my hat off to the promoters, even the car parking was under cover. Although the rain was intermittent and not too much of a problem. Upon arrival we started in hall one and worked our way around, before moving onto hall two and then finally deciding on our purchases for the day.  There was lots of good bargains to be had.

It was nice that people were approaching us and embracing what Fishery Watch is all about, we certainly managed to get the message out there and generated a fair bit of interest from members of the public and the traders/exhibitors.

We all wanted to get around in time for the talk by Des Taylor, a particular favorite of mine.  On the main stage at 11am we joined the crowd and waited for Des to start.

When Des Taylor came on at 11am, the crowd around the main stage just went quiet with anticipation.

Des Taylor on stage at the Big One angling show, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, 2020Des started by giving an insight into grayling fishing, he then worked his way through the main species of coarse fish are getting bigger than the sizes we used to catch years ago on our rivers like the River Severn & the River Avon.  Des explained that he believed that this was due to predation of the barbel by otters, therefore creating a increase in food availability for the other species in the rivers.

He also gave some very true opinions on the way that the Environment Agency (EA) does not seem to act on the amount of froth from detergents on the top of our rivers that affects the performance of our rivers to produce catches for anglers.  This is an opinion that Fishery Watch agrees with and will be lobbying the EA  to see what there options are for sorting this problem out because it should not be there.  It is bound to be effecting other things in our rivers also.

It was a great talk by Des and was enjoyed by us all, we have always liked the honest way that Des just says it as it is.

It was nice that as we went around the show that people were again stopping us and having a chat, as we went around we had some nice photos taken with the like's of Dean Macey, Adam Rooney, Matt Godfrey & Des Taylor.  The show was a great opportunity to get out there and meet the public, everyone one was very welcoming and we are looking forward to next year.

Many thanks to Dean Macey, Adam Rooney & Matt Godfrey for taking time to talk to us.

The show was attended by the following Fishery Watch members, Paul Marsh (Head Water Keeper)  Adrian Lane (Founder & CEO).


The general impression we got from what we were hearing from the people who talked to us is that anglers are really disheartened by the problems that angling is up against at the moment, and the lack of anything being done about it by the Environment Agency & Angling Trust it really does seem that anglers are losing faith in them.  Anglers were telling us that the current  line of thought was that there is too much talking going on, but very little or nothing being done by these organisations, it is time for change.

Des Taylor & Adrian Lane

Fishery Watch intends to step up to the mark and change things, we shall be taking action at a very high level to protect angling & anglers, but Fishery Watch will is driven by passion and dedication, not by salaries or money.

We would like to thank everybody for making the Big One 2020, a massive hit for us.  It was surprising how many people really knew that Fishery Watch is out there, the message seems to be getting through fine, it was great that we were spotted and people wanted to come over and say hello, thank you.

We have had lots of enquiries individuals & clubs/fisheries, we have also seen a large increase in the amount of hits on our site (www.fisherywatch.co.uk) this has gone through the roof since we attended the show, almost double that of a normal weekend.

The team are all looking forward to the Big One 2021.  We will be there either as visitors or with the Fishery Watch stall, but we will be there.  It was a great day for all of the Fishery Watch team and our compliments go to the show organisers, you did a great job and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Fishery Watch is getting stronger and stronger all the time, the day will come when anglers will want protecting by dedicated volunteer anglers, who they can trust to have a true heart and passion in what they are doing for the right reasons, the good of our sport.

If you did not get the chance to ask us a question on the day, then please email any questions you may have to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will answer you with a totally honest & 100% transparent answer or simply call: 0333 011 5888 from 8am to 11pm.

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